Sunday, 8 November 2015

Darryl Mackenzie & Alan Welsh - Occupancy modelling with imperfect detection

The reading group will meet this Friday (13th November) at 1pm, We will be reading two papers, the first one by Alan Welsh and colleagues, and a response by Darryl Mackenzie and colleagues.
Alan Welsh (ANU), is a methodological statistician often motivated by ecological applications. His current research interests are in model selection, linear mixed models and occupancy modelling under imperfect detection. Darryl MacKenzie (Proteus Wildlife Research Consultants) is an ecological statistician and leading expert in occupancy modelling under imperfect detection.
The papers are in PLOS ONE, titled Fitting and Interpreting Occupancy Models and Ignoring Imperfect Detection in Biological Surveys Is Dangerous: A Response to ‘Fitting and Interpreting Occupancy Models' with a short response by Welsh et al titled Adjusting for one source of bias while ignoring others can make things worse

Note that in Welsh et al's original paper, the figures are placed wrong.  See the correction note for details, but the real Figure 1 can be found at Figure 7 (!?) and the images for Figs 2-7 are all one place higher than they should be (found at Figs 1-6).

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